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Star Punch

A Lightweight Time Tracker

Just like the time clock used in every company, Star Punch is a convenient, powerful time tracker app, but only for you, for you to manage your personal life. Star Punch has a clear, understandable logic to use. It also has multiple reporting views to analyze your working style and projects.

Features for you:

  • 1. Projects management

Star Punch can help you set up as many projects as you want, as well as tasks belonging to those projects. After you set up your projects, the app could track your hours working on each project with one click.

  • 2. Time track

Star Punch includes a timer and countdown timer for you to track your work. Once you enable the notifications, it will let you know what you are working on now with a hint at the end of the countdown.

  • 3. Reports

Free statistics for you to manage your work! Not only can you check your projects by week, month and year, but also analyze them by the project. The various graphs give you detailed visualizations of your projects and working hours.

  • 4. Editing your records

Punch the clock by mistake? Not a problem! You can easily edit your records. Also, you can add records if you forget to punch the clock after working.

  • 5. Customize your app

In Star Punch, you will be able to edit your nickname and avatar as you want. You supervise yourself! Also, we made different beautiful themes and will continually update in the future!


No in-app purchase! No ads! 

Star Punch: About
Star Punch: Pro Gallery
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