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Shuran Zheng


I am Shuran Zheng, a passionate game developer in Montreal, Canada. When I was at school, I teamed up with artist Di Yang to make indie games.
After years of discovering and challenging in different areas of game development, we released our first indie game this year. Now I'm fully prepared to find an unity programmer job and go to the next step in the game industry.

Shuran Zheng: About

Challenge Works

Here is one of my best work.


Panda Cooker VR

Sept. - Nov. 2018

Panda Cooker is my last school project. It is a VR game on HTC VIVE. 

  1. A complete Game made by two people (a programmer & a 3d artist) in 2 months. 

  2. First Person 3D RPG.

  3. Casual/Cooking Simulation

  4. Cartoony style 

Shuran Zheng: Portfolio

Released Works

Here are some of my works in store.



August - November 2021

GIGIGO is our first released indie game. It is a casual mobile game.

  • Jump as many tiles as you can!

  • Meet different teddy bears and dress them up with accessories

  • Enjoy the relaxing moment with them on the teddy's island. 


Star Punch

Sept. 2020 - Jan. 2021

  • Just like the time clock used in every company, Star Punch is a convenient, powerful time tracker app, but only for you, for you to manage your personal life.

  • The various graphs give you detailed visualizations of your projects and working hours.

Shuran Zheng: Portfolio


Two Days Jam Challenge!

Shuran Zheng: Portfolio

DEC.5 - 6

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