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Casual Mobile Game

Jump as many tiles as you can!

Meet different teddy bears and dress them up with accessories

Enjoy the relaxing moment with them on the teddy's island. ​

How to play?

  • 1. Drag Teddy bears to make sure they jump on the tiles.

  • 2. Jump as many tiles and collects coins.

  • 3. Draw lucky bags to unlock accessories and new characters.

  • 4. Enjoy the relaxing time in GiGi Park.

Features you may love:p

  • 1. Exciting and simple parkour game for you to challenge.

  • 2. 12 different teddy bears to unlock.

  • 3. Over 70 assets for dressing bears up.

  • 4. 3 different well-designed parkour game maps.

We are planning to add island decoration in the 2nd round of development.

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